Central America

Our favourite wildlife holidays in Central America

Central America’s tropical landscape of volcanic ranges, swampy mangroves and striking beaches is home to seven percent of the world’s biodiversity. Wildlife enthusiasts can go on safari tours, nature trails and underwater dives. Let our Lightfoot Travel experts put together an itinerary that brings you close to the region’s fauna.

Head to Guatemala’s Tikal Nature Reserve and look out for brightly-coloured birds like toucans, screeching monkeys, and even a slinking jaguar hiding amongst the ancient ruins. Over in Belize, you can go bird watching in the forests for parrots, ospreys and red-footed boobies; see baboons at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary; and swim with nurse sharks and southern stingrays at Shark Ray Alley.

Stay in a luxury eco-lodge within the dense jungles of Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica and wake up to the call of spider monkeys, scarlet macaws and parrots. The country’s Nicoya Peninsula is home to butterflies, various endemic birdlife, and big cats like pumas, jaguars and ocelots.

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