Mekong Delta

Venture south to the part of Vietnam they call the ‘Rice Basket’ and discover the idyllic Mekong Delta with its lush subtropical landscapes and meet villagers, fishermen and farmers who live upon its banks.

Just a few hours south OF Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta is one of Vietnam’s most important regions. It’s where the majority of rice is grown, supplying 50% of the population along with being one of the country’s biggest exports. It’s also a fertile area for fish and shrimp farming, and cultivating sugarcane, coconuts and other fruits. Expansive, brilliant green paddies and orchards unfold before you as you slowly cruise weaving, calm waterways by narrow boat.

There is something distinctly warm and comforting about the Vietnamese from the south and this is never more evident than visiting the villages spotted along the canals. One can hop off at one of the many docks to taste the local produce and delicacies at local markets and restaurants. Perhaps the most popular attraction in the Mekong is the Floating Market, where vendors sell everything from fresh tropical fruit to traditional conical hats on the buoyed river rafts.

More adventures can be found away from the river. Appreciate the peace and quiet at Buddhist temples in the village of Soc Tran, spot the many species of birds at the Cham Trim National Park, or head to Long Beach for some sand and sun.

The Mekong is a spectacular region with so much to offer and Lightfoot Travel can help take you there in style while providing expert guidance for your luxury tour.

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