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Lightfoot Travel is an award-winning luxury travel company offering a unique personal service that takes you on amazing tailor-made holidays around the world. We pride ourselves in producing the most inspiring, exciting, and memorable day-to-day travel itineraries out there, complete with exhilarating activities, authentic experiences, and the most exceptional hotels and villas to suit your needs and budget.

Our expert Travel Designers advise on family holidays, thrilling expeditions, wellness breaks, ecological tours, short trips, romantic honeymoons, and off-the-beaten-track escapes. Looking for a family camping safari in Africa? We know the perfect one. Need advice on trekking in Bolivia? Leave it to us. Dream of a spa in the Maldives? We can arrange it all, starting from your flights and ending with the firmness of your pillows. Wherever you wish to adventure to, let Lightfoot Travel help you to journey in style.

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