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Trekking is a fantastic way to explore and meet incredible like-minded people on the trail. If you can put one foot in front of the other and you’re keen for adventure then we have a luxury hike to suit you. Lightfoot Travel’s extensive portfolio of trekking trip ideas caters to all levels of fitness and experience, from adrenaline-fuelled mountaineering to slower-paced sojourns. Trekking is a great way for families to bond, teenagers to burn off energy and couples to honeymoon with a difference.

Highlights include spiritual journeys through the Indian Himalayas snowy peaks including the breathtaking high passes of Ladakh and the glaciers and forests of Uttarakhand. Nepal continues to be the pinnacle for mountain treks, offering intrepid hikers a chance to walk in the footsteps of pioneering mountaineers and explore towering Everest high passes, roaring alpine rivers, serene valleys and soulful Buddhist monasteries.

Bhutan is another walker’s paradise with soaring peaks, winding mountain paths and quiet monasteries best seen on foot. Peru offers a kaleidoscope of colour and architectural beauty as you trek through ancient ruins and vibrant towns.

New Zealand, the outdoor adventure capital of the world, remains high on the wish list of hiking enthusiasts. Trekkers flock to the South Island, which offers an array of exhilarating hikes – from mountains to glaciers, fiordlands, bushland and beaches.Trekkers who like to be more grounded can opt for jungle excursions in Thailand, walking tours through colonial tea estates in Sri Lanka and coffee plantations in Indonesia.

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