Our favourite luxury culture holidays in Europe

Europe is replete with cities that are historically fascinating, architecturally impressive, and culturally intoxicating. Our Lightfoot Travel experts have traversed the continent to carefully curate a portfolio of diverse cultural experiences that can range from contemplating contemporary artwork in a cool art gallery in Berlin, Germany, to enjoying a night at the opera in Vienna, Austria. For outstanding architecture, we recommend heading to the ruins of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lisbon, Portugal, or visiting the fascinating mosques in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dive into the heart of London and explore its rich history, thriving arts scene, great restaurants and fantastic heritage sites. Fans of the Netflix series The Crown can experience a truly regal holiday with our Royal England & Scotland itinerary. Visit some of the filming locations, head to London’s most iconic landmarks, and venture to the nearby countryside and to Scotland to discover where Britain’s most family spend their time.

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