One river, so many adventures
Stop by a floating village

There are 173 floating villages that can be found around Tonle Sap lake on the Mekong. Within each of these watery worlds, you will find temples, schools and even supermarkets that all float. Even before the sun has even broken through the clouds you will hear the sound of fishermen in their palm-tree boats whizzing along the waterways and taking their catch to market. Lightfoot Travel tip: If you want to take a closer look, book a kayaking adventure and take a tour of one of these picturesque hideaways.

Cambodia Aqua Mekong

Enjoy a bike ride through rice paddy fields

Saddle up and take a ride through the leafy villages and rice paddy fields of Kampong Chhnang. Cycle past cows chewing cud, see farmers tending their fields and visit the potters of Kampong Chhnang, who have been throwing pots in the same way since the 6th century. Lightfoot Travel tip: Look out for the Spiderman of Cambodia – a 67-year-old farmer who climbs palm trees to collect palm sugar.

Cambodia Aqua Mekong

Get a blessing from a Buddhist monk

If you want to make your vacation more Zen, visit one of Cambodia’s temples for a blessing from a Buddhist monk. The Buddhist monks are happy for you to experience this traditional ceremony while you are in their country. During the 30-minute ceremony the monks will chant prayers in the ancient language of Pali, sprinkle holy water over you for good luck and then tie a red or white thread around your wrist to bring you prosperity. Lightfoot Travel tip: Ask if you can visit a floating village temple for an extra treat.


See Pelicans In South-east Asia’s Largest Reserve

Cruise through the waterways of Cambodia Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve to see mangroves and lakes filled with pelicans, terns and ibis. Lightfoot Travel tip: Take a ride to the rangers’ treehouse. Climb the ladder to their wildlife platform and you will be given a bird’s eye view of the park.

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Visit An Island Of Silversmiths

The chinking of silversmiths’ hammers will let you know that you have arrived at the right place. Silversmiths will sit in the doorframes of their homes on stilts and engrave or shape their silver pieces in the sunshine. These shimmering trinkets that are often purchased by the royal family for visiting dignitaries make the perfect souvenir.

Cambodia Mekong editorial only

You an enjoy all of these adventures if you take a ride down the river on the Aqua Mekong. Ask your Travel Designer for more information

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From ancient temples to breathtaking landscapes and undiscovered beaches, Cambodia offers luxury vacations steeped in culture and history.

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