Polar Regions

Once reserved for pioneering explorers, the Polar Regions are top of many adventurous travelers’ must see lists. Sail aboard hand-picked expedition ships which are geared up for luxury adventure rather than the typical large cruise ships. Explore the extremes of the north and south home to icy fjords, spectacular icescapes and incredible wildlife such as polar bears and penguins on a tailor-made itinerary with Lightfoot Travel.

The Arctic remains one of the planet’s last great frontiers. Destinations are plentiful for expedition cruising with Norwegian Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Greenland, The Northwest Passage, Russian Far East and even the magnetic North Pole. These incredible destinations offer a unique experience be it culture and/or wildlife that you are looking for. Sailing amongst the vast pack ice north of the Svalbard archipelago to seek out hunting polar bears is an undoubted highlight and perhaps the easiest way to access this icy wilderness. Other unique polar wildlife you might witness are walruses, reindeers, bord species many whale species including belugas and narwal.

Antarctica is a land of snow-capped mountains, enormous icebergs, dazzling ice shelves and ancient glaciers. While the continent is largely uninhabited, you can get up close to large crowds of vast penguin colonies and spot fur seals languishing on the shore. Whale watching in Antarctica is outstanding, particularly in February & March. The chilled waters of the Southern Ocean is a seasonal home for tale-thumping humpbacks, gargantuan blue whales and orcas, so keep your eyes peeled.

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