Sales Manager (SG)

Originally from Cambridge in the UK, Chris headed off to the airport on his first big adventure when he turned 18, spending three months travelling through Japan, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He knew travel was his future, and upon his return to the UK, he picked the most travel-related degree he could find - Geography. His dissertation on the effects of tourism in a small fishing village in Malawi meant visiting the country multiple times, as well as travelling extensively through Sub-Saharan Africa.

After his graduation, Chris started a hugely successful career at the UK’s largest independent travel agency, being quickly promoted into a management role. In 2017 he made the cross-continental leap to Singapore, coming to work for Lightfoot Travel.

If you're looking to drive across the US in a Mustang; scuba dive some of the world’s best reefs in the Caribbean; get up close to iconic wildlife such as bengal tigers in India and snow leopards in Kazakhstan; or undertake iconic rail journeys like the luxury Venice to London Orient Express; Chris has the extensive firsthand knowledge to put together a trip that promises to be truly unforgettable.

Chris’s Picks
  • Beach: Maldives - It's just the perfect place to relax. When you get too hot, put on a snorkel, swim a few metres in the turquoise sea and witness an abundance of colourful sea life. Notable mentions go to Antigua, Seychelles, and Fiji, too. 
  • Memory: Deciding at 18 years old to travel around the world on my own - With no idea what I was doing (I probably should have used a travel agent!), I booked a flight to Japan and spent the next weeks hopelessly lost in the metropolis that is Tokyo. I would recommend not falling asleep on a bullet train… you can end up on the other side of the country!
  • Travel Must-Have: A good book - There always tends to be a suitable motivational/be a better you/self-help type of book out there, and travelling is the perfect time to read, reflect, and return feeling brand new!
Favourite Destinations
Empty Quarter, oMAN

Luxury Vacations in Oman

A vacation in Oman can entail sailing past the khors of Musandam, camping in the desert of Wahiba Sands, and staying in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

New Zealand landscape, Banks Peninsula, singular sheep

Luxury New Zealand Vacations

Discover natural beauty, vibrant cities, Maori culture, mountain landscapes, rugged coastlines and incredible food and wine on a New Zealand luxury vacation with Lightfoot Travel.

vancouver in autumn

Luxury Vacations in Canada

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts with glacier-covered mountains, pristine lakes, rolling prairies and some of the best skiing in the world. However, it also has its share of vibrant cities.

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