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Dian was born and raised in West Bali before moving north to earn her bachelor’s degree. Four years later, she moved back to her hometown and started her career as a teacher at a tourism vocational school, before joining Lightfoot Travel as a Sales Support Coordinator. 

Since a young age, Dian has had an intense passion for travel. She spent weekends and holidays exploring the island of Bali, from secret beaches and waterfalls to cultural sightseeing the seeking out the best foodie hotspots. As she got older, Dian ventured further afar to places like East Java, where she hiked Mount Ijen, visited the must-see temples in Borobudur, snorkeled in the Derawan Islands of East Kalimantan, tracked proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat, and enjoyed an overseas trip to Singapore. 

While she still has a large portion of the globe to explore, Dian’s travel adventures are just beginning!

Dian’s Picks
Restaurant: Milu by Nook, Bali – An airy, late-night eatery serving Balinese & Western dishes in striking digs with sweeping views.
Escape: Indonesia - Not only because it’s my home country, but the Indonesian archipelago really does offer something for everyone.

Favorite Destination: Switzerland and Peru.
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