Thirdly Flores

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Thirdly was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, and is a bona fide city girl who, thru travelling locally, discovered her love for learning and exploring beautiful places in her home country.

She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and landed her first job as an administrative assistant for a telecommunications company. She travelled to Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, and UAE. While in the UAE, an opportunity came to work, so she ventured to Dubai, where she became a part of the Lightfoot Travel team in UAE.

Next on her bucket list is to travel to Seoul for its authentic Korean cuisine and, of course, to witness k-pop culture firsthand.

Thirdly Flores’s Picks

Restaurant – Bu Qtair Restaurant, Jumeirah Dubai, serves the freshest, yummiest fried fish cooked while you wait.

Beach – Boracay, the finest, whitest sand, with the calmest, clearest beach I have been to.

Escape – Taal Lake, just an hour from the city proper, especially during summer, you can chill with its cool breeze and freshest fruits sold on the side of the road.

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