Peruvian Amazon

Cloaking nearly half the South American continent, the Amazon Basin is the largest tropical rainforest on Earth. Verdant and thriving, its mix of ecosystems, spectacular junglescapes and rare flora and fauna make it among the world’s foremost nature zones.

Dense and nearly impenetrable Amazonian rainforest makes up nearly two-thirds of Peru; east of the Andes, it covers an area of over 850,000km². It’s an astonishingly undisturbed corner of the globe: only 5% of Peru’s population live here including 15 “uncontacted” tribes, their way of life unchanged for centuries.

The Amazon has the highest biodiversity on the planet, an extraordinary range of flora and fauna. As part of a luxury tour, we’ll introduce you to one of the world’s most exceptional wildlife habitats. Beneath the jungle canopy, there are tapirs and jaguars, macaws and pygmy marmosets, hundreds of monkey species, squadrons of colourful butterflies and pink dolphins in the rivers. If you’ve ever wondered how the world would be without the influence of humans, a tour here may answer a few of these questions.

We’ll have you staying in a luxury eco-lodge on your wildlife tour, deep in the jungle surrounded by all its evocative sounds and smells. From there you can explore the jungle trails through national parks and wildlife sanctuaries or try river kayaking or canopy climbing. Easily one of the most memorable ways to tour the Amazon is on a luxury cruise. Typically cruises start from Iquitos, the largest city in the world accessible only by plane or waterway.

With a tour of the Peruvian Amazon from Lightfoot Travel, you benefit from the expert knowledge and personal experience of our regional experts. We’ll create your own highly personalised luxury itinerary and offer impartial advice on the best accommodation for your needs.

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