Rio de Janeiro

If it's the thought of the 'Girl from Ipanema' that attracts you to Brazil's beaches, when you see the scores of bodies that line the sand along this city, you'll wonder why you'd ever live anywhere else!

With hotels located on the trendier Ipanema to more old-school places in Corcovado, beachside living is really the best choice for Brazilian first timers. Watching the local Cariocas on their morning runs down the boulevard or playing volleyball on the beach, it’s hard not to be sucked into their carefree, outdoor-loving lifestyle. To get the feel for the city, it’s key to visit all the top sites with Lightfoot’s team on the ground so you get to hear all their quirky stories and understand the idiosyncracies of life in this city.

Visit the lesser-known spots in the artsy Santa Teresa District, have a go at Capoeira – local marshal arts, or simply soak in the sight of Christ the Redeemer perched high on the hilltops. By night, we insist that you try your hand at Samba with some of the locals. If you feel like something less strenuous and more food-focused, eat your fill at a Churrascaria – Brazilian barbecue. Here you keep the traffic light on your table set to green, ensuring your meat consumption levels remain at a constant high!

Lightfoot Travel creates tailor-made itineraries to Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil. Our travel designers have explored the region, sampled the activities, and stayed at the properties we use. So when we make a recommendation, you can trust that it’s based on firsthand experience.

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