Dhensa Punakha

Paro, Thimphu & Punakha

Located high above the Punakha Valley in Bhutan, Dhensa Hotel offers fantastic views overlooking terraced rice fields and a winding river, providing a very serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Dhensa Punakha marries contemporary design with this Himalayan Kingdom’s ancient traditions. To maintain a sense of history and peace the entire property is tastefully designed, mingling traditional Bhutanese architecture with more contemporary design.

The hotel’s suites are simple and smart, and all have spacious interiors and private balconies making admiring the views that more enchanting.

The restaurant at Dhensa Punakha offers guests a selection of Western dishes as well as traditional Asian delicacies, more specifically Bhutanese ones. In true Bhutanese spirit seasonal, local and organic produce are used whenever possible.

The beautiful Dhensa Spa is super-relaxing making recharging after a long trek very easy and enjoyable whilst still feeling part of - and admiring - the great outdoors.

Dhensa Information
Location & Getting There

Located high above the Punakha Valley and overlooking terraced rice fields, Dhensa Boutique Resort is a 5-hour drive from Paro Airport.


The hotel's 24 suites are spread across 6 cottages, all with spacious interiors and private balconies.The enormous en-suite bathrooms have tubs in which guests can relax in, and there is a desk for study and work purposes.


Dhensa Boutique Resort is surrounded by plenty of walking and trekking trails, and is just a 5-minute trek up the mountain to the Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Lhakhang Nunnery. The resort's location at Punakha Valley also allows guests to visit its highlights such as the Punakha Dzong, Mo Chu and Pho Chu rivers and the various Bhutanese Buddhist temples. Other activities available include rice threshing, barbeques, river rafting, crafts workshops and private picnics.

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Why we recommend Dhensa Punakha

Dhensa Punakha, Bhutan

“The views here are stunning, and the ambience of the property overall is very peaceful and serene. The hotel’s suites are simple and smart, and all have spacious interiors and private balconies making admiring the scenery more enchanting. The restaurant here offers a variety of cuisine including a good selection of Bhutanese dishes."

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