Three Camel Lodge

Gobi Desert & Southern Mongolia , Mongolia

Located in the heart of the Gobi Desert, Three Camel Lodge offers a luxurious take on the traditional nomadic lifestyle. One of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, it’s a model of environmental and cultural sustainability.

Accommodation is in 40 deluxe gers – traditional Mongolian tents – heated by wood-burning stoves and featuring en suites with a toilet, sink and shower. The rooms have wood-carved furniture, wool carpets, camel-hair blankets, and Mongolian felt slippers and bathrobes.

The restaurant serves traditional Mongolian cuisine alongside Western classics. Constructed in the style of a Mongolian Buddhist temple, the Dino House and Bar is the hive of activity during the evenings, while the Screening Room hosts lectures, documentaries and films about Mongolia’s history, culture and ecology.

Enjoy guided tours around the Gobi Desert, then unwind with a Mongolian massage and enjoy uninterrupted views of the night sky.

Three Camel Lodge Information


To reach The Three Camel Lodge, guests usually take a one hour flight from Ulaanbaatar to Dalanzadgad on the edge of the Gobi Desert. From the airport, guests will drive another 1.5 hours by 4×4 vehicle to the destination.


The lodge houses 40 luxury gers, each of them including a private bathroom, fully equipped with a shower, sink and toilet. For those who are after a large space, there are two specialty gers to satisfy your needs. The Khubilai Ger caters to families, comprised of two bedrooms linked by a bathroom, while the Genghis Ger features includes a lounge area in addition to the bedroom. In keeping with Mongolian tradition, each ger has a southward-facing entrance. Furthermore, guests can treat themselves to unobstructed views of the desert and the Gobi-Altai Mountains from the privacy of their own ger. The oculus (skylight) although used practically as a sundial by the nomads, provides guests with a spectacular opportunity to stargaze from the privacy of their own bed.


Guests can experience the remote Mongolian landscape and wilderness through a range of expeditions organized by the lodge. They include hiking, biking, star gazing, musical and dance performances, and meetings with local nomads.


Children are welcome, although there are no specific facilities for them.

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Why we recommend Three Camel Lodge

Built with the desire to preserve the Gobi Desert, Three Camel Lodge was the first ger camp in Mongolia to sign a contract with the National Park and local government to protect the surrounding area. With no telephones or WiFi, this retreat provides a true escape. It also engages with initiatives to conserve the natural and cultural heritage – get involved if you can.

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