Kieran, Lightfoot Travel’s Head of Asia, says what you need to do in Myanmar before you leave


Ride In A Hot Air Balloon Over Inle Lake

Embrace the slow life and glide across Inle Lake in a hot air balloon. Cruising at 10,000 feet, you will be treated to unforgettable panoramas of the world biosphere reserve. Snap away at the scenery and the reflections of the hot air balloons in the lake. If this experience isn’t already memorable enough, you will touch down on a raft in the middle of the lake. Possibly the coolest experience around.


Go Temple Hopping In The Dark

If you want to escape the crowds, discover this newly crowned UNESCO World Heritage Site at night. You can wander around this ancient city and get a closer look at some of the 2,000 temples and pagodas that still stand within the grounds.


Trek With Elephants

Pull-on your walking boots and trek through the jungle with your most unique walking buddy yet – a two-meter-tall pachyderm. After serving him or her breakfast, you will take a stroll through the jungle to a natural pool where you can help wash some of the trekking dust off your four-legged pal. But try not to stand too close in case he or she thinks you deserve a shower as well.


Light 1,000 Oil Lamps At Sunset

For a magical moment, visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon at sunset. Here you join the monks and light 1,000 oil lamps. It dates from a time when there was no electricity and locals would donate their oil lamps to the temple so that people could go to the temple and pray in the cool night air.