The wildlife hideaways that do more than leave a chocolate on your pillow


The One That Protects Giraffes

As soon as you see these long-legged creatures stroll around the manor’s grounds, you know that Giraffe Manor in Kenya is a magical place. But did you know that for each guest that stays at Giraffe Manor, the hotel will donate USD$10 to the African Fund For Endangered Wildlife (AFEW). The wild Rothschild’s giraffes have been saved from the brink of extinction thanks to a successful breeding programme run by AFEW. You can visit the AFEW’s Giraffe Centre when you visit the hotel to find out more about their work.


The One That Created A Nature Corridor

Shinta Mani Wild may be a good-looking hotel, but it’s so much more. Owner and designer Bill Bensley bought this strip of land that lies between two national parks in Cambodia to protect it from loggers. When you’re not busy enjoying a picnic by a waterfall, taking a trip on an expedition boat, or fishing in the river, you can join the hotel’s wildlife rangers for a hike through the countryside to find out more about their work.


The One That Saves The Desert Lions

Hoanib Skeleton Coast stole the headlines when it was thought it was going to be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s honeymoon retreat. But thanks to the work of one Dr Flip Stander it deserves to be in the headlines anyway. After discovering the return of the famed desert lions, Dr Philip has helped protect these unique creatures through the Desert Lion Project. Dr Philip, who has been used as a babysitter by the lions when they want to go out and hunt, is based at the hotel along with other researchers who are committed to protecting the local wildlife.

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