Lightfoot Travel’s cofounder and Africa destination expert, Nico, recently returned from an inspiring trip to Kenya. His adventure took him through the Maasai Mara which incorporates the stunning Mara Conservancies and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in the southwestern part of the country.

Nico’s visit followed the severe floods that affected large swathes of the country in May this year and he was blown away by the resilience of the local communities and their remarkable efforts to repair the damage caused by the rain. The determination and hospitality of the Kenyan people stand as a testament to their enduring spirit, ensuring that every visitor experiences the magic of this extraordinary destination.

Scroll down to see some of the highlights from Nico’s trip with images captured by photographer, Callaghan Walsh.

Day 1: The wonders of the Musiara Marsh

Our adventure began in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. From Governors’ Camp Il Moran, we explored the Musiara Marsh – famous for its abundant wildlife, lush landscape and big cat sightings, including the iconic Marsh Pride. The breathtaking scenery and the majestic lions set the tone for what was to be an incredible trip.

Day 2: Into the heart of the Mara North

A morning game drive allowed us another glimpse of the Marsh Pride before we ventured deep into the Mara North Conservancy to stay at the idyllic Serian's Kimya Kimya lodge on the banks of the Mara River. As the sun dipped on an early evening game drive, we were surrounded by a herd of 100 buffalo, and quietly observed these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Day 3: A walk with the Mara Guides

The day began with a delightful breakfast at the lodge overlooking the serene Mara River. Later in the day accompanied by three Maasai guides, we walked up the Siria escarpment and encountered three male lions, a thrilling and humbling experience.

Day 4: Spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley

The next stop on our trip was Angama Mara a luxurious lodge perched on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, where we were greeted with some of the most spectacular views imaginable. The afternoon was spent exploring the Mara Triangle, a protected area within the National Reserve with an abundance of wildlife.

Day 5: A stormy evening in the Mara North

An early morning game drive in the Mara Triangle revealed some playful lion cubs with their protective lioness. Later, we returned to the Mara North, to stay at the charming Offbeat Ndoto. The evening game drive was a dramatic affair, as we navigated through a storm and witnessed yet more of the incredible wildlife in this remote part of Kenya including a lone cheetah.

Day 6: The tranquility of the Olare-Otok & Motorogi Concession

Our travels took us through Mara North and community lands to Mara Expeditions in the Olare-Orok & Motorogi Concession. The abundance of animals here and the reduced number of vehicles made the wildlife viewing extra special.

Day 7: Culinary delights in the African wilderness

A delightful bush breakfast set the pace for the day. As evening fell, we enjoyed sundowners and a gourmet dinner at the chef's table, prepared for us by the talented culinary team and shared anecdotes from the day.

Day 8: The thrill of the hunt

Journeying from Olare-Orok & Motorogi Concession to Naboisho, our evening game drive led us to the northern reaches of the conservancy with the fantastic guides at Kicheche Valley Camp. Here, we witnessed a vast pride of lions in the midst of a thrilling hunt. Despite a lioness's attempt to spook the zebras, the prey escaped, leaving us in awe of nature's raw drama as we watched in the rain.

Day 9: The final chase

On our last day in the Mara we returned to watch the pride of lions, to observe their persistent hunting efforts, this time eyeing an elusive antelope. The hunt, once again, was unsuccessful. Evening brought another dramatic encounter as we watched the pride attempt to bring down two male buffaloes, who valiantly defended themselves against six lionesses.

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