Health experts from Asia reveal how you can increase your sense of calm


Create A Quiet Zone

Back away from your phone. Spend the first 60-minutes of each day enjoying a digital detox. The Wellbeing Team at Santani Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka said that if you dedicate the first hour of your day to mindfulness, instead of the news, it will stop your brain from going into overdrive. The team recommend you should wake up gradually: “When you first open your eyes, feel the liveliness in your body. Bring your awareness to your breath for five minutes before getting out of bed, then instead of letting your mind drift, focus on what you are doing, whether it’s brushing your teeth, stretching, or enjoying your favourite cup of tea. This will put you into a positive mindset, ease you into the day gently and keep you focused on the present.”


Enjoy A Wonder Drink

Create a health-giving drink in your own kitchen. Executive Chef Geert Jan Vaartjes of Anantara Hoi An says this simple shot is a sneaky way to recreate some of the pricier health drinks available. “Add two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass water that has been boiled and cooled – or, in Ayurvedic terms, ‘cooked’,” he said. Apple cider vinegar has probiotic qualities, which means that it helps boost your digestive system. Drink every morning.


Learn The Destress Breath

When your WiFi goes on the blink, don’t panic. Keep your blood pressure and stress levels in check with a technique used by the US Navy SEALS, said Janith Chang, yoga partner at The Upper House in Hong Kong. Take a seated position in a quiet corner of your home and then try this stress-relieving technique. “The Box Breathing method requires you to inhale through your nose for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, exhale for four counts, and hold for four counts,” said Chang. Repeat these steps until calm returns. This technique will not only help calm any frayed nerves, but it will boost concentration and increase clarity.


Boost Your Energy Levels

Increase your stamina levels with the ancient art of Qi Gong. Kimberly Rose Kneier, TCM Specialist at Amanpuri Holistic Wellness Centre, recommends a move called Ping Shaui Gong. “Bring your arms up to shoulder level with palms facing down, then swing them back behind you and forward again at shoulder-level at a steady pace for four rounds. On the fifth round, bend your knees and do one small bounce,” says Kneier. Perform this exercise for 20 minutes in the morning and evening to lift your energy levels, help you sleep better and boost your mental clarity.


Switch Off Your Body At Night

It’s hard to sleep well, when you’re feeling tense, but the Wellness Team at Capella Singapore suggest this slumber-inducing technique. “An effective way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to carry out a full body scan technique once you’ve turned off the light. This involves visualising each part of your body, starting at your head and going down to your toes, each time focusing on relaxing each muscle. For example, with the eyes you can squeeze them tightly shut, then release and relax. Move steadily from head to toe with this technique.” You will be dreaming of palm-fringed beaches in no time at all.

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