Munkh Tenger Ger Camp

Ulaanbaatar & Central Heartland , Mongolia

Located in Karakorum, Munkh Tenger Ger Camp is a traditional Mongolian camp and a popular base for exploring the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire and the Orkhon Valley. Unlike many ger camps, it offers 24-hour electricity, WiFi and running water.

The camp accommodates up to 140 people in 40 warm, comfortable gers, with traditional furniture, cosy textiles, and a wood-burning stove. Most guests use a communal bathroom block with toilets and hot showers. However, there are also 10 deluxe gers with private bathrooms.

The restaurant serves Mongolian cuisine alongside Western and Asian classics, and the lounge hosts music and dance performances including throat singing.

Explore the ancient city of Karakorum and the Erdene Zuu Monastery, go horseback riding and birdwatching in the Orkhon Valley, and take an ox-cart ride through the steppe. Discover more about Mongolian life by meeting nomadic herder families, learning games, and attending the annual Naadam Festival.

Munkh Tenger Ger Camp Information


One km Southeast of Kharkhorin


Four gers with two beds, five semi-luxurious gers with two beds, and 16 standard gers with three to four beds


Experiencing the local authentic nomad lifestyle

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Why we recommend Munkh Tenger Ger Camp

Munkh Tenger is the best ger camp in the town with comfortable, traditionally decorated gers, and friendly staff. The camp has a large restaurant, a separate building for water lavatories and showers, but there are 10 deluxe gers with private bathrooms. Unlike many camps, it offers 24-hour electricity, Wi-Fi and running water. Gers can sleep families of up to five. Our tip would be to discover more about authentic Mongolian life by heading out to meet nomadic herder families.

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