Dubai erupts from the desert sands of Arabia - a dazzling glass-and-steel cityscape reaching towards the sky.

The vivid blue waters of the Arabian Gulf lie to the west and north, and famous beaches like Jumeirah to the southwest. Inland, the urban landscapes give way gradually to romantic desert terrain. Beneath the iconic skyscrapers and luxury hotels is a network of old-world souks and markets.

One of seven emirates, Dubai has humble beginnings as a backwater port. Few could have predicted that this city-state would become a byword for ultra-luxurious. But helped along by boundless imagination and, yes, a lot of investment, even the word ‘luxury’ doesn’t do it justice anymore.

At its core, Dubai has an admirably competitive streak. Whether it’s the Burj Kalifa, the tallest building in the world, or the largest shopping mall, it’s a city not content with being second best.

You choose a holiday to Dubai to sip cocktails at velvet-roped bars, thousands of feet in the air – or at the marina, as an armada of yachts sails by. You come to dine at high-end restaurants that rival anything New York or London has to offer. You may try and indulge your adventurous side with desert safaris or pamper yourself at the world-class spa centres. Shop for jewellery at the Gold Souk or Prada handbags at the Mall of the Emirates. Or perhaps, you’ll just come for the skiing.

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