Sicily, the charming piece of land off the tip of Italy’s toe, remains the epitome of the Mediterranean lifestyle and beauty. It’s the Mediterranean’s largest island with an ancient and cosmopolitan history, half a dozen UNESCO World Heritage sites, great cuisine and a world-class choice of villas and boutique hotels.

With soil made rich and fertile by Europe’s largest volcano, Mt. Etna, Sicily is a beautiful place to explore. Olive groves, orange and pistachio trees stand on the edge cobblestoned villages, while flourishing vineyards produce sweet Muscat grapes. The coastline stretches for over 1000km of both long sandy reaches and craggy coves.

Sicily has changed hands countless times with the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Normans and Moors all leaving their footprints on the island. And walk the streets of Ancient Syracuse, the archeological site of Akragasa and the beautiful baroque town of Noto are all memorable highlights.

The capital, Palermo, is the best place to browse boutiques, markets and galleries. It’s ideal for trying the island’s celebrated cuisine, which includes arancini and cannoli.

What really sets Sicily apart is the luxury accommodation. Its boutique villas are some of the finest in the world, and always seem to occupy wonderful locations be that beachside, cliff-top or tucked away in a cobbled lane.

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