Central America

Our favourite luxury beach vacations in Central America

Blessed with the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, and the Gulf of Mexico to the north, Central America is a beach-lovers’ dream. Miles of pristine sandy shores along the Caribbean coast are perfect for beach lounging, while the waters off the Pacific coast are renowned for their surf. If you’re looking for a slice of beach paradise, Lightfoot Travel can put together the perfect beach vacation for you.

Cuba’s Caribbean coastline features stretches of palm-lined beaches with powder-soft white sand, while the waters provide world-class conditions for diving and sailing.

In Costa Rica, unspoilt beaches sit against a backdrop of lush national parks and the wilder waves of the Pacific coast are a surfer’s paradise.

Enjoy the laid-back vibes of Belize’s western coast beaches, and let a leisurely snorkel introduce you to its vibrant coral reefs.

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