Argentine Patagonia

A land mass that stretches between the southern climes of Chile and Argentina, this region is distinct for being home to the translucent blue glaciars and ocean fjords on its outer edges, and the impressive tail-end of the Andes' mountainous spine.

Outdoor enthusiasts can hike amongst this impressive scenery or kayak on any of the many lakes. The ultimate exploration involves delving into the east of Patagonia around areas such as El Calafate, which is home to one of Argentina’s most important attractions, the Perito Moreno Glacier. You can also visit some of the wonderful local estancias – Argentine ranches.

Lightfoot Travel creates tailor-made itineraries to Patagonia and throughout Argentina. Our travel designers have explored the region, sampled the activities, and stayed at the properties we use. So when we make a recommendation, you can trust that it’s based on firsthand experience. Enquire now!

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