Cambodia's Coast

Amongst the mountain-fringed beaches of the sleepy south, the coastline in Cambodia is home to white sand beaches and quiet villages where time still slips slowly by.

The coast is varied and each region has its own charm. Kampot, famous for its pepper, is a riverside town rich in French architecture and the perfect base to explore the Bokor Hill Station. Bokor Mountain is often shrouded in a swirling mist, giving it a mystic and desolate air. Sihanoukville, named after its founder King Sihanouk in 1964, has developed into a popular local beach destination and resorts have sprung up over the past few years. Kep was Cambodia’s first seaside resort town, developed for the French in 1908. While much quieter and less developed than neighbouring Sihanoukville, its charm still appeals to locals and guests looking for somewhere more authentic (and with exceptional seafood!).

The coastal jewel lies in the Koh Rong archipelago – where Song Saa opened to international fanfare. As a luxury destination in itself, this beautiful eco-property was built over five years as a labour of love with the natural environment in mind.

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