Our favourite sustainable and eco-tourism experiences in Southeast Asia

Lightfoot Travel is conscious of working in a responsible manner and aims to support the principles of sustainable tourism and development within our tailor-made itineraries. Whether you’d like to become involved in an ecological project, to understand more about a culture, or to better appreciate nature and wildlife, our portfolio of eco-trips will provide you with a stylish eco-experience, and help to save the planet.

Borneo is known for its biodiverse rainforest, home to wildlife like orangutans, and surrounding seas teeming with marine life. Stay at the Gayana Eco Resort, where its Marine Ecology Research Centre runs programmes such as coral planting and Giant Clam propagation.

In Palawan, Philippines, resorts can arrange nature walks and eco-tours, during which guests monitor wildlife with an eco-checklist.

Luxurious Nihiwatu in Sumba, Indonesia, supports the local community by building water wells, medical clinics and primary schools. At Four Seasons Chiang Mai, you can get your hands dirty and help community farmers plant rice paddy fields.

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