Kohima Camp

Northern India

Kohima Camp is a unique concept from The Ultimate Travelling Camp. Set on the hillside in lush rainforest in Nagaland, in remote northeastern India, it’s only open during the Hornbill Festival which usually occurs at the end of November and beginning of December.

The lavish and individually designed canvas tents here feature a plush four-poster bed, colonial-style furnishings and a veranda which is perfect for relaxation. Each tent comes with the added luxury of butler service.

The dining tent offers a la carte meals served indoors or outdoors and uses garden fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits to create an eclectic mix of continental, Indian and regional cuisine.

Never has a luxury camp in India gone further off-the-beaten-track to showcase the authentic hidden side to the country. Embark on a tribal journey and witness the spectacular Hornbill Festival, a celebration of the diverse and fascinating culture of all 16 tribes in Nagaland; visit local villages and immerse yourself in the Naga culture; or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the camp.

Kohima Camp Information

Location and getting there

The camp is situated in Nagaland in northeastern India, 70 km from Dimapur airport, which is accessed from Kolkata international airport. The camp is only open for two weeks around the Hornbill Festival in late November/ early December each year.


All tents have a large double bed with crisp linens and an ensuite bathroom as well as a spacious living area and verandah. Interiors are decorated in natural colours and feature the finest fabrics and furnishings made from teakwood.


Kohima Camp offers two to five night itineraries centred round the ten-day Hornbill Festival. Browse the night bazaar; visit tribal villages; or explore the treasures of Kohima, the historic capital of Nagaland including the beautiful war cemetery.


Children are welcome but given the remote location it is better suited to families with older kids.

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Why we recommend Kohima Camp

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of remote eastern India, this ultra-luxurious camp is only pitched and ready to receive guests each year to coincide with the Hornbill Festival. The Naga people, comprised of 16 distinctive tribes who were once headhunters, gather for this event in their elaborate costumes and ritualistic headdresses which are adorned with tiger tusks, bear skins, and hornbill feathers. Each day showcases tribal pageantry, crafts, traditional sports, food fairs and religious ceremonies. An experience of a lifetime!

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