Rice Terrace Villa Sasayuri-Ann

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Rice Terrace Villa Sasayuri-Ann


Located on Japan's main island of Honshu, an hour away by train from Kyoto in Nara, Rice Terrace Villa Sasayuri-Ann consists of two private villas, Zao and Ozunu. Zao is a renovated 200-year old thatched roof house from the Edo period, updated with modern comforts whilst retaining its original charm. Ozunu is a contemporary reimagining of the traditional thatched home built around a century-old tea house and surrounded by an exquisite Japanese garden. Both afford panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and rice terraces.   

Simple dishes can be prepared by guests at the guest kitchen. Meals can also be served in-villa, prepared by nearby restaurants, or if preferred by Michelin starred Manso.

The owner of Rice Terrace Villa Sasayuri-Ann is a Shugendo monk who created the property as a haven of spirituality and mindfulness. The activities allow guests to immerse themselves in the serene natural surroundings and heritage of the region. Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims by hiking to nearby 48 Waterfalls (bare feet optional), and don’t miss Shugendo Temple which hosts fire ceremonies that have been practised for over 1,300 years.  

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Why we recommend Rice Terrace Villa Sasayuri-Ann

The activities at Rice Terrace Villa Sasayuri-Ann in Nara, Japan are astounding. From canoeing on the river and cycling mountain routes, to soaking in an onsen and jumping on a motorbike to explore the Nara region - which is just an hour by train from Kyoto - this place has it all. The owner of this property practised yoga at The Beatles Ashram in India in the 1960s which is why yoga – which is relatively uncommon in Japan – and meditation classes are offered here. We love that you can also try authentic Japanese activities such as ikebana flower arranging, listening to traditional Japanese bamboo flute and witnessing a Ninja performance. 

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