Enjoy these leisurely rides with your pals in some of the most scenic parts of the world
Cycle Through A UNESCO City In Sri Lanka

If the Sri Lankan scenery doesn’t encourage you to put the pedal to the metal nothing will. Start your tour of the island at Wijaya Beach and ride along Galle’s winding backroads, through quaint villages, past grazing buffaloes and in between lush paddy fields until you reach the shore of Koggala Lake. Stop for lunch at Kahanda Kanda hotel then take a leisurely ride back to the beach so that you can cool off in the surf.

Galle, Sri Lanka

Master Mountains In Bhutan

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy mountain biking adventure in Bhutan. Join the Chele-la Freewheel ride. You can drive to Chele-la then freewheel down to Paro or the Haa valley on your bike. This means that you can view the forests of blue pines, Bhutan’s highest mountain Jhomolhari or take in the Haa valley, without having to gasp for air.


Freewheel Down A Volcano In Bali

Saddle up and take in the scenery of Bali whilst whizzing down the Mount Batur volcano. You can spend the night on the top of the volcano, enjoy the Instagram-worthy sunrise, then freewheel down through villages, coffee plantations and past rice paddies.


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