Aqua Nera

Peruvian Amazon

Traversing the mighty Amazon River year-round, Aqua Nera cruises the Peruvian Amazon and passes into the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. The fleet’s latest addition, Aqua Nera boasts spectacular facilities and sumptuous interiors courtesy of renowned architects Noor Design.

Sleeping up to 40 passengers, Aqua Nera's 20 suites are spread across two decks and include four pairs of interconnecting rooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure light-filled interiors though Peruvian teak finishes recall the Amazonian blackwaters and tributaries.

Experience fine dining at Aqua Nera’s elegant restaurant, elevated on the second deck to catch spectacular views. Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino serves Peruvian cuisine to tables both indoors and out.

Enjoy daily excursions, via low-emission speedboats, seeking out the rainforest’s biodiverse wildlife with the help of expert naturalist guides. Alternatively, enjoy kayaking and swimming in the Peruvian Amazon’s pristine waters, browse the artisanal boutique or drift off sheltered by a poolside cabana.

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Aqua Nera - Amazon

Cruise the Peruvian Amazon in luxury on board the Aqua Nera. Whilst expedition and adventure is at the forefront of the experience, with an array of activities to offer up-close wildlife encounters accompanied by naturalist guides, you will stay in comfort in spacious suites with floor to ceiling windows showcasing the rich ecosystem of the Amazon as you cruise. The cuisine on board is exceptional, with menus curated by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s finest chefs who is celebrated for creating refined cuisine from native Amazonian produce.


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