Hill Country

In our opinion, Hill Country is the most magical part of the entire country, and the train journey from Colombo up into the winding hills is one of the best in the world.

Sitting in the observation deck of the old, colonial British train as it slowly snakes its way up into the hills is a truly wonderful experience. Tea plantations are scattered through the area and you can wave to women picking tea leaves as you pass by. The temperatures drop the higher you get, and as the mist rolls in it’s as if you’re in another country entirely.

The Ceylon Tea Trails is in the heart of Hill Country and one of our favourite and most popular luxury properties with a collection of bungalows, incredible service, and stunning grounds. Popular activities in this region include tea plantation visits, hiking up Adam’s Peak, and simply relaxing with a book as you look over the hills and valleys. If you love trains and don’t mind extending your ride, go as far as Ella, a little hidden gem that has beautiful trails and is one of the most peaceful places we’ve been to.

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