Lugano & Southern Switzerland

The passion of Italy. The Alpine beauty of Switzerland. Ticino offers the best of all worlds. This Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland is full of palm trees, pristine beaches, piazzas, churches, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The region stretches from the Alpine to the Mediterranean, covering vastly different territory along the way. In just a few kilometres you can travel from the mountains down rolling hills and to the sea, enjoying Italian weather, Italian style, Italian architecture, language, and food along the way.

Explore Lugano, a town on the eponymous lake known for its vibrant waterfront promenade lined with gardens and sculptures. Marvel at medieval churches and picturesque lanes in Mendrisiotto. Breathe in the sweet scent of camellias in Gambarogno. Or explore the castles in Bellinzona, a UNESCO Heritage site. In Ticino you can follow the Swiss tradition of living an active life in the magnificent Alps, and the Italian tradition, doing so with a glass of full-bodied vino in hand.

Whether travelling as a family, as a couple, or with friends, Ticino is the perfect spot for culture, nature, sport, cuisine, architecture, and breathtaking panoramas wherever you look.

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