Lake District, Chile

Ten thousand years ago or so, the giant glaciers that encased vast swathes of southern Chile began to recede and melt. They formed fragmented barriers of rock as they departed, leaving behind a magnificent landscape of vast shimmering lakes and dramatic volcanic basins.

Today, on a luxury tour of Chile’s Lake District, you’ll discover some of the world’s lushest scenery. Take the “Frontier Highway”, Carretera Austral, south from Santiago past dramatic Andean peaks until you pass the city of Temuco, which signals the beginning of the 340km-long region.

It’s here the famous lakes lie among dense rainforest ecosystems, lush national parks, endangered monkey-puzzle trees and green undulating hills and valleys. Waterfalls thunder down the side of steep mountain precipices, while colossal fjords hang over the coastline farther south.

The cool, crisp landscapes and fresh air of Chile’s Lake District creates a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. When booking a luxury tour with Lightfoot Travel, our Chile experts will use their experience to help design your perfect tailor-made holiday for the region.

You can explore this beautiful corner of South America by foot – trekking or climbing high up in the mountains – or by horseback along the water’s edge. Witness it from the sky with a helicopter tour over steaming volcanic basins, or on the clear lake water with a leisurely kayaking trip (or while high-octane river rafting). Alternatively, you may just prefer a long soak in the thermal hot springs near the picturesque city of Pucan or to take advantage of the world-class fly-fishing. Puerto Montt in the south is the starting point for awe-inspiring fjord cruises.

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