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If you are looking for peace, calm, and untouched natural beauty, Bhutan is the ideal destination.

With its misty mountains, turquoise rivers, whispering forests and sweeping plateaus, the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan remains one of the world’s most mysterious and alluring countries. But hiding amidst this wilderness are some of the world’s most exclusive luxury retreats and lodges, where you can indulge in gourmet cuisine, spa treatments, and yoga with unforgettable views of the Himalayas. Enquire now and let Lightfoot Travel create a bespoke itinerary for you to experience this unique country.

Punakha is Bhutan’s administrative capital. The Punakha Dzong is widely known to be the most beautiful Dzong in the whole country. The region is famous for farming both white and red rice and it makes for a beautiful sight along the banks of the Pho and Mo Chu, two of Bhutan’s most famous rivers.

Paro is home to one of the most beautiful valleys, Paro Valley, in Bhutan. It is also the site of the country’s only international airport. The main street in Paro is very traditional and filled with little shops, businesses and restaurants. Just 10 kilometres outside of the town is the famous Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, which hugs the face of a sheer 1,000-metre cliff.

Located in the western central part of the country, Thimphu is the capital, largest city, and political and economic centre of Bhutan. It’s home to many important political buildings as well as the King’s official residence, the Dechen Chöling Palace.

Festivals hold a special place in the heart of the Bhutanese and are intrinsically linked to the culture. Religious celebrations are held around the country throughout the year - The Tsechu Festival is one of the most popular.

Hiking and trekking are superb, and one of the best and most adventurous ways to experience Bhutanese life is by wandering off the trails into remote villages. Head out into the fresh forest air and trek across sacred mountains, observing religious and cultural practices at the monasteries en route.

We adore Bhutan for its religiousness, for providing an antidote to the stresses of modern-day life, and for its sheer romance. Whether you’re searching for adventure, culture, a honeymoon, or a spiritual sojourn, Bhutan promises memories to last a lifetime.

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Country’s Info
  • Capital: Thimphu
  • When to go: September through November, March through May
  • Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN)
  • Language: Bhutanese (Dzongkha)
  • Time Zone: GMT +6
Where To Go
Scenic Bumthang Bhutan. A typical architectural structure of Bhutan.
Gangtey, Bumthang & Beyond
Taktshang Goemba, Tiger nest monastery, Bhutan
Paro, Thimphu & Punakha
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