Best Babymoon Destinations

Babymoons offer the chance to unwind, collect your thoughts and share a quiet, romantic moment with your partner before your child arrives…and everything changes! Our experienced Travel Designers are constantly updating our collection of luxury Babymoon ideas, all of which take safety into consideration.

We understand that pregnancies can sometimes be stressful and unpredictable, so we’ve taken into account all the details, like the distance between your hotel and airport, the nearest medical facilities, pregnancy-suitable spa facilities and more. Rest assured, all our properties are handpicked for their suitability to Babymoons – so you won’t arrive to six flights of stairs or a soft cheese plate.

Great destinations can be found all over the globe. Head to a luxury retreat in Barbados and bed down in a breezy restored plantation house. Swim with turtles, sample Caribbean cuisine or spend quality time with your partner on silky white sand beaches.

The Maldives is a favourite spot for Babymooners with its world-renowned spa treatments, candlelit dinners and overwater bungalows, perfect for seclusion and afternoon napping. If your Babymoon involves gathering friends or family, a long weekend in Koh Samui - with its turquoise waters, snorkelling spots and pristine beaches - is the perfect choice.

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