Best experiences in Kazakhstan

The world’s largest landlocked country and wealthiest of the Stans, Kazakhstan’s landscapes and cities are just waiting to be explored by the intrepid traveller.

To the East discover dramatic mountain scenery, turquoise lakes and the singing sand dunes of Altyn Emel National Park. The old capital Almaty remains the country’s major commercial and cultural hub, its rich history reflected in its eclectic buildings and monuments.

In the North experience the iconic expanses of the Kazakh steppes where the lucky may spot the critically endangered and endearingly bizarre-looking Saiga antelope. Marvel at the skyline of Astana as it appears from nowhere out of the flat and featureless grassland. Possibly one of the quirkiest capitals in the world, the city is filled with grandiose structures and ultramodern high-rises.

A land of contrasts, the Southern Desert is home to both the ancient Silk Road trading posts of Turkestan and the space station at Baikonur where it’s possible to watch a live rocket launch.

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Country’s Info
  • Capital: Nur-Sultan
  • When to go: June - August
  • Currency: Kazakhstani tenge
  • Language: Kazakh, Russian
  • Time Zone: GMT+6
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