Our pick of the best experiences in Victoria

Victoria is Australia's second-smallest state, where capital city Melbourne is celebrated for its hip sense of style, cool restaurant and bar scene, and scenic location. Spend a few days exploring the city where there’s a hidden gem in every basement, rooftop and laneway.

Beyond the city to the Southwest, the Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives taking you through sleepy seaside towns and past iconic surf breaks as well as the 12 Apostles. Northwest, national parks occupy vast swathes of the state and offer opportunities to explore by foot, on skiis, or two - four wheels.

For history and culture venture to see the rock art and hear creative stories at the Grampians. Those who like their wine should let the Yarra Valley indulge their palate in the best of local food and beverage. Visit the vineyards, take a scenic hot air balloon ride, and book in for some sumptuous spa treatments.

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