Kirsty Harper

UK Sales Manager

Growing up with parents who love to travel, Kirsty was lucky enough to experience a wide range of cultures and destinations from a young age. School holidays would consist of travelling around different countries visiting the wonders of the world from seeing Machu Picchu at sunrise, the Great Wall of China in the snow and travelling around India to see the Taj Mahal; and then in contrast enjoying relaxing beach holidays to islands such as Barbados and Antigua. After so many amazing experiences travelling around the world this really became Kirsty's passion and she couldn’t think of anything better than working in the travel industry.

Kirsty began her career at 19, working for British Airways as a member of the long haul cabin crew and has since worked for luxury travel companies, spending a few years living in Australia and Dubai. Some of Kirsty's most recent trips have included island hopping around the Maldives, enjoying a cooking class high up in the Atlas Mountains and one of her favourite experiences was paragliding into check-in at Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman.

Kirsty Harper’s Picks
  • Memory: A real favourite travel memory of mine was sitting on a speedboat on the way to the first island on my hop around Fiji, without a care in the world, looking out onto the clear turquoise water, thinking 'this is the life!'
  • Country: Has to be the Maldives. It really is the absolute perfect spot to really relax. The islands offer some of the best beaches I have ever seen. 
  • Road trip: A girls' road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas, an amazing experience driving through America and making life long memories with friends. I loved the mix of activities, a tour of Alcatraz, exploring Hollywood and lunching in Beverly Hills, dancing at Coachella festival and then finishing up in Vegas. A trip I'll never forget. 
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