Sitatunga Private Island

Okavango Delta

Sitatunga Private Island stands apart from other Great Plains properties. This exceptional Réserve-level camp pushes the eco-design boundaries in a remote Botswana region, providing the utmost hospitality and accommodation. You can also indulge in incredible wilderness activities.

Built on a raised, wrap-around railway sleeper private deck using entirely recycled materials, Sitatunga Private Island can accommodate up to eight guests as part of Great Plains' latest Okavango Delta water-based Réserve-Collection Safari Camp. Sitatunga's design encapsulates the Okavango's story, a water-surrounded camp reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe and a historical haven for indigenous fishermen for over 200 years. Drawing inspiration from their traditional fishing baskets and traps, Dereck Joubert designed rooms resembling tents suspended within large bamboo fisherman baskets. When admiring the landscape, the interiors reflect the Okavango's palette, showcasing misty greens and light-bleached woods.

Sitatunga Private Island is the ideal retreat for slowing down, strolling, and immersing yourself in the tranquil waters. Embark on a river journey, let its rhythm guide you, and savour quiet moments during your safari. Like the river, it's not merely about the water but the essence of the journey itself.

Sitatunga Private Island Information

Location & Getting There
You can seamlessly reach Sitatunga Private Island through various transportation options. Light aircraft transfers from Kasane (1 hour and 25 minutes) and Maun (40 minutes) airports to Duba Plains provide convenient access. Private air charter services offer additional flexibility. Experience a picturesque helicopter transfer from Duba Plains to Sitatunga Private Island, taking approximately 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can transfer motorised boats from Duba Plains to Sitatunga Private Island.

For those arriving from more distant locations via helicopter, such as those participating in the “Heli the Thrillway” special offer, direct arrivals and departures take place at Sitatunga Private Island.

It offers two suites with double or twin configurations, and guests can also reserve a separate 2-bedroom Sitatunga Private Island Suite. One guide room has two three-quarter beds and a shared en-suite bathroom. The maximum accommodation capacity for Sitatunga Private Island is four guests, not including the Sitatunga Private Island Suite.


  • Explore wildlife and birds from flat-bottomed motorized boats, making Sitatunga Private Island a water-based activity camp.
  • Experience the Okavango Delta's permanent channels through mokoro rides (weather permitting), providing a peaceful and refreshing perspective for wildlife and bird viewing.
  • Join licensed, armed guides on wildlife walks, the speciality of Sitatunga Private Island.
  • Enjoy tag and release fishing, available from March to December each year.
  • Utilize custom-built boats with swivel chairs for enhanced wildlife photography. Each suite has professional cameras, and guests receive a USB with their photos. High-quality binoculars are also provided.
  • Explore the Okavango Delta's channels, islands, and nearby areas by boat, mekoro, and on foot. Wildlife drives on open-sided vehicles are available on the nearby island, accessible only by boat.
  • Experience an aerial view of the northern Okavango Delta by a scenic flight, including a 15-minute champagne stop on Palm Island (must be booked in advance at an extra cost, subject to availability).
  • Private Activity Option for boating and walking for added flexibility (extra cost, not compulsory for families with children).
  • Private safari drives are unavailable, but you are welcome to choose the option of having private guides.

The Ocean Adventurer welcomes adventurers of every age.

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Why we recommend Sitatunga Private Island

"Sitatunga Private Island stands out as an exceptional destination, being one of the rare private islands where you can observe the elusive sitatunga, a unique aquatic antelope. The main activities on the island include walking and boat excursions, providing a distinct and memorable experience"

Nico Heath
our destination expert

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