The thing about Rome that makes it different from many ancient cities is that its extraordinary history is so casually integrated into city life. Despite its worldwide reverence, it almost feels like part of the furniture.

There’s no cordoned off historical zone or old district, the past is everywhere, it’s woven into the fabric of the city. You live amongst Rome’s glorious legacy; you breath it in as you wander the cobbled alleys or across its open piazzas. When you see the looming Colosseum for the first time, you can almost hear the clash of steel and the baying of the crowds (mixed in with the whizzing of Vespas that is!) And don’t forget – the gelato is pretty good too.

Every second of a luxury holiday in Rome is to be savoured: from the small things like a caffè macchiato in the dramatic Piazza Navona to considerably larger attractions like the Pantheon – the best-preserved of all Rome’s ancient wonders.

If you like art, you can feast your eyes on works by Caravaggio or Titian at the Galleria Borghese, or Classical sculptures at the Capitoline Museums. If the world-renowned shopping entices you, stroll the Via Condotti below the Spanish Steps, stepping in and out of Gucci or Armani boutiques as you please. This city gave the world suits and handbags after all.

For architecture, the ruins of the Forum – with its columns that have stood for close to two millennia and the Arch of Septimius Severus, where once Caesar addressed the citizens of Rome – live long the memory.

While Ancient Rome is prevalent throughout the city, it hardly monopolises the city’s heritage. Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance too, and the Vatican Museums host one of the world’s finest Renaissance art collections. The Sistine Chapel with its peerless frescoes – particularly Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement, which adorns the ceiling – remains a treasured attraction, the world over.

If holidays to Rome are founded on history, they’re crowned with world-class dining. From the humble trattoria –serving saltimbocca alla Romana to famous luxury restaurants like Sapori del Lord Byron, The Eternal City is eternally exceptional place to eat.

When you book a luxury Italy holiday with Lightfoot Travel, our specialists offer a highly-personalised service and design the perfect tailor-made experience for you.

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