Finnish Lapland

For 200 nights a year the Aurora Borealis dances across the sky in Lapland, a fantastical landscape deep within the Arctic Circle. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll meet Santa Clause, we can promise magic on your holiday here. Just look at the sky.

Lapland is spellbinding. It consists of stark and beautiful open spaces – endless white – dotted with thick forests. Its hardy wildlife includes not just the reindeer traditionally herded by the indigenous Sami people but wolves, wolverines and brown bears too.

In the freezing winter months where thick snow blankets the ground, all manner of winter activities are enjoyed: from husky-sledding to downhill skiing to ice fishing. Luxury log cabins with roaring fires, mulled wine and traditional Finnish saunas are required to keep you toasty.

In the summer, the Midnight Sun bathes the land in light uninterrupted for three months and the green, rugged terrain lends itself to adventure, while the ice thaws to reveal clear blue-green lakes. Autumn sees the short period known as ruska where the foliage spectacularly turns deep red and ochre.

Rovaniemi is known as gateway to Lapland, but better known as the home of Santa Claus. It’s difficult not to feel Christmassy here and families with young children will enjoy a memorable holiday here. Rovaniemi is also beautifully designed, eco-friendly town with some excellent places to stay including igloos (!), top restaurants served traditional fare and cultural attractions.

Farther into the Arctic Circle nestled among the mountains of Northern Lapland, Saariselka a first-rate cross-country skiing destination with breathsnatching landscapes. Saariselka is one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights.

There is a huge amount to do in Lapland. It’s great for families and kids will love it but also remote and remarkable enough to appeal adventurous globetrotters.

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