Mexico City

Mexico’s capital is the largest city in Central America, a sprawling metropolis that can be a little dizzying, not least because it stands at 2,000m above sea level.

Mexico City’s historical center is packed with colonial architecture, as well as vibrant nightlife and dining options, world-class shopping and the country’s top luxury hotels.

The city is divided into 16 boroughs (delegaciones) and hundreds of neighbourhoods with the Centro Historico is its old colonial heart. Old European buildings and cobblestone streets surround the Plaza de la Constitución, one of the world’s largest squares, where you can try the city’s celebrated street food.

The city’s upscale neighborhoods include Polanco, Sante Fe and the vibrant San Angel. A sultry, Latin American nightlife ignites these districts and you can enjoy gourmet Mexican cuisine at the fashionable rooftop style restaurants found here, visit a local theatre or browse San Angel’s charming artisan markets.

Mexico City is flanked by volcanic mountains, and its surroundings provide a wealth of day trips to color a luxury holiday in the city. To the north, ancient regions like Teotihuacán are home to remains from the Classic period, and to the south, the quiet Xochimilco is a popular place to take a break from the bustle of the city. Covered in winding canals, you can enjoy relaxed lunch on a boat to the sound of marimba players.

Don’t be put off by Mexico City’s size – big and busy it may be, but its fascinating history, diversity and vibrant urban living makes the city a colourful and exciting destination for a luxury holiday.

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