Nicoya Peninsula

The golden curve of the Nicoya Peninsula covers Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast. Its spectacular unspoilt beaches sit against a backdrop of lush rising national parks, offering some of the best sunsets in Latin America!

Sparsely populated and slow-paced, Nicoya is a slightly under-the-radar eco tourism hotspot with thickly forested mountain landscapes and miles of undisturbed.

The beaches have a pristine, untamed beauty with flat, soft stretches of sand that melt into the frothy shores of the Pacific. And on the remote southern peninsula there are hidden coves, islets and tiny beaches to explore. The roads are best navigated by 4×4, with breathtaking coastal scenery to explore along the way.

The northern Pacific coast is a world-class surfing region with fierce breaks, jutting reefs and huge rollers coming in from the ocean. It’s even featured in a few surf movies, especially around the secluded Potrero Grande, which can only be reached by boat and is where a lot of pro surfers hang out.

Nicoya Peninsula’s lush mountainous scenery invites adventure, playing host to protected wildlife areas like Mogensen Nature Reserve, rife with butterflies and endemic birdlife. This is a great place to find some of Costa Rica’s lesser-spotted mammals including pumas, jaguars and ocelots.

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