Riris Aritonang

Head of Sales Support

Born and raised in Sumatra Island, Riris studied law that made her explore other cities in Indonesia. Her desire to learn more about the world of travel became stronger and finally decided to pursue the study of tourism; majoring in Food and Beverage Management.

In 2009, she moved to Bali and started her career in tourism, before joining the Lightfoot Travel team to learn and experience luxury holidays.

Frequent travels to several countries in the European and Asian Continent, added to her knowledge about different cultures, cuisines, and the lifestyle of each country, which she found very interesting to learn and to deepen her understanding. 

One day, Riris wish to spend the winter in Finland and summer in California, USA.

Riris Aritonang’s Picks

Escape: Belgium, with all the historical buildings and the culinary.

Beach: Amed, Bali - It has clear and crystal water, so nice for snorkeling. 

Restaurant: Café Restaurant Plantage, Amsterdam - The restaurant serves many fine-dining staples including several dishes based on classic French, Italian, and Dutch cuisine.

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