Iguazu Falls & Ibera Wetlands

Iguazu Falls & Ibera Wetlands

Iguazu Falls & Ibera Wetlands

Taller and wider than Niagara, more heart-stoppingly spectacular too, Iguazu Falls is one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring natural phenomena.

Thundering from the Brazilian border at up to 450,000 cubic metres per second, Iguazu erupts over 275 waterfalls, exploding into a vast cloud of mist.

The falls extend for over two miles, curving into a crescent shape, and occupying both Argentine and Brazilian territory. Argentina’s Misiones province enjoys the lion’s share of the most dramatic falls, as well as being quieter and less crowded. The lush jungles of a Unesco World Heritage protected national park encircle Iguazu.

From the Argentine side, you can trek up to the brink of Devil’s Throat, Iguazu’s masterpiece, where water pours in from three sides. A standard itinerary would include walking the jungle clad trails by side of the falls, and boat trips right up to the spray – bring a raincoat! But they could also include spectacular helicopter tours, where you can see Iguazu in all its glory.

We recommend exploring the thick surrounding jungle of the Atlantic rainforest, home to remarkable biodiversity and wildlife including howler monkeys, jaguars and caiman. You can hop on board the Rainforest Ecological Train, if you don’t feel like walking.

We think visiting Iguazu Falls is one of South America’s most unforgettable experiences. And when booking a luxury tour with Lightfoot Travel, you’ll benefit from our experts team’s insider tips and advice on how to best discover this incredibly beautiful region.

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The Iguazu Falls are one of South America’s undoubted highlights and whilst it is deservedly a busy destination it is often the highlight of many of our clients’ trips to the region.


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