Polar Regions

Our favourite luxury cruises in the Polar Regions

From polar bears and Northern Lights in the Arctic, to emperor penguins and icebergs of Antarctica, the icy wilderness of the two Polar Regions offer an extraordinary experience full of wildlife and scenery. Take this in on a voyage aboard a luxury cruise in the Polar Regions with Lightfoot Travel.

Experience Antarctica on a decommissioned science vessel like the Lindblad Expeditions’ flagship National Geographic Explorer. Expert naturalists, photographers and scientists are on hand to educate you about the region and give tips on capturing the perfect picture. Sail past tabular icebergs, sit among a penguin colony, or trek the continent for views across ice-strewn bays.

Cruise through the Arctic pack ice on board the world’s largest and most powerful nuclear icebreaker. From the observation deck, spot seals sunbathing, narwhales swimming, and polar bears hunting. Embark on a helicopter shore excursion, hot air balloon ride, or a hiking expedition to set foot at the North Pole itself.

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