Middle East & North Africa

Our favourite honeymoon experiences in the Middle East

The Middle East is known for its colourful riads and majestic mosques, revered for its ancient traditions and historical sites, and noted for its dramatic deserts and beautiful beaches. Enveloped by mystique and romance, it’s an ideal luxury honeymoon destination.

Navigate the bustling bazaars of Marrakech and Morocco and visit museums, mosques and gardens. Enjoy an intimate night out galloping on horseback on the bright red sands of the Sahara desert, under a canopy of bright stars.

For adventurous couples who want unique memories, visit Iran for your honeymoon. Discover the Islamic architecture of Isfahan and Shiraz, the ancient Achaemanid capital of Pasargadae, and the bas-reliefs of the Palace of Persepolis. Add sandy beaches, fascinating souks and gardens for a rich and cultural romantic break.

Located in Musandam in north Oman, Zighy Bay provides a dramatic backdrop for a secluded honeymoon. Picturesque white beaches and sparkling azure waters invite you to swim with dolphins, while towering mountain ranges are ideal for paragliding.

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