Santani Resort & Spa

Cultural Triangle

Recent winner of Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places, Santani has made a huge impact to the wellness scene since its opening, sealing its reputation as one of the best spas in Sri Lanka.

Their programmes specialise in detox and weight loss, and treating specific health conditions with a focus on combatting aging and reducing age-related illnesses. At the start of each retreat, a consultation with the resident doctor will decide which treatments and fitness activities will most benefit your stay while also taking into account individual goals and aims.

The on-site restaurant serves healthy gourmet ‘Keto’ meals which are low in carbohydrates to help reduce fat storage and are devoid of processed or refined ingredients.

The simple, rustic living spaces have been designed to create a holistic feel, and by removing stimulants they allow the mind to be still.

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Why we recommend Santani Resort & Spa

“Santani Hotel is architecturally impressive, perched on the side of a vast valley covered in tea plantations in Sri Lanka. It doesn’t detract from its surroundings, in fact it blends in perfectly – the name ‘Santani’ is the Sanskrit for ‘in harmony’ after all. Not only are the spa programmes enlightening, but what you learn stays with you long after you leave helping you make permanent changes to your health and lifestyle. I highly recommend the sunrise yoga while watching the colours of the surrounding hillsides change as you practise.”

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