Shakti Likir Village House

Northern India

The Shakti Ladakh Village Experience gives adventurous travellers a glimpse of authentic village life in the former kingdom of Ladakh, high in the Indian Himalayas. Throughout the experience, guests stay in traditional village houses, including this house in Likhir.

Likhir Village House is built in traditional Ladakhi style, constructed from sun-baked mud bricks and wooden beams, and plastered in white clay. The two-bed property offers a surprising level of comfort with en suite bedrooms and a communal living space. This rural property offers great views over the valley.

There’s a team of staff including a private guide, driver, porters, and chef, who cooks delicious north Indian feasts and offers cooking lessons.

Guided village walks are a highlight of the stay, along with a visit to the monastery with its beautiful paintings and spectacular 25-foot Buddha statue. There are also opportunities for trekking, rafting, and watching local craftsmen ply their trade.

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Why we recommend Shakti Likir Village House

“Shakti Village House is located at the head of the Likir valley, high above the monastery with its famous giant gold Buddha. Heads up: Likir offers possibly the best view in Ladakh, with an eye-popping vista of the valley and snow-capped mountains. It’s super-rural, unbelievably relaxing, and a true escape from the modern world. Nearby you’ll find monasteries and walks in the western end of the Indus Valley.”

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