Private Jet Trips

Booking a private jet to a destination of your choice is the ultimate luxury experience, making every second of flying time extraordinary. But it’s not just the comfort and luxury fittings of the cabin that makes a private jet so appealing; there’s also the convenience and efficiency of boarding. By taking your own jet, you cut out chaotic, traffic-clogged commercial airports and stressful security lines. There’s also zero chance of lost luggage, missed connections or delays due to late passengers.

Every flight is fully customisable, so you can personally pre-select your on-board food and drinks and dine when you choose. There’s often the option of making up a bed on board, or working uninterrupted through the flight so you can arrive at your destination rested and ready to go.

A private jet offers confidentially and seclusion that you can’t find on a commercial airline. Hold a meeting or catch up with loved ones in complete privacy. Almost all private jets are fully equipped with the latest technology and entertainment options so you can relax in utmost style, too.

Lightfoot Travel has access to a range of aircraft including turboprops, light jets, midsize jets, and heavy jets, and all of our private jet journeys are 100% tailor-made to your requirements. Whether you’re heading to a remote private island or an exclusive ski resort, booking a private jet ensures you travel in elegance and comfort.

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