Shakti Nimoo Village House

Northern India

The Shakti Ladakh Village Experience takes adventurous travellers off the beaten track to stay in remote, unspoiled villages high in the Indian Himalayas. Along the way, guests reside in authentic village houses to witness a way of life that’s remained unchanged for centuries.

Nimoo Village House is a traditional property built from sun-baked mud bricks, poplar and willow beams, and plastered with white clay. Inside, this simple house offers a surprising level of comfort, with three spacious en suite bedrooms, a shared living space with Ladakh cushion seating, and small library. Outside, there’s a sun terrace with gazebos and roof terrace.

The local community runs the property, cooking up feasts of Indian and Ladakhi dishes, and sharing recipes with guests.

There’s a team of staff looking after you, including a private guide, porters and driver. During your stay, you’ll explore Nimoo on guided walks, discover monasteries and markets, and watch craftsmen at work.

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Why we recommend Shakti Nimoo Village House

Nimoo Village House is one of our favourite Shakti properties, located in this northern region of India, 3,500 metres up on a high plateau, and affectionately known as ‘Little Tibet’. The one-storey spacious home is built around a courtyard and surrounded by green fields and apricot, apple and walnut orchards. We’re particularly fond of the  traditional features, such as Tibetan carpets, which add a touch of authenticity.

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